diemen pepper

Suggested Uses for the Spice of the South Seas


• Store Pepperberries in a closed glass jar or they will absorb moisture from the air. If they become slightly soft, a few minutes on a shallow tray in a low oven (<100°C) will save your grinder from ‘clogging up’.

• Tasmanian Pepper is best used towards the end of cooking, (some of the flavours can be lost at prolonged high temperatures – especially frying and baking).

• A small bowl of ‘cracked’ pepperberries on the table - pinch over soups and sauces – or keep a second grinder filled with Tasmanian Pepper berries.

• Pepperberries will bleed a soft pink colour into marinades or pickle solutions, pale sauces and yoghurt.

• Include crushed pepperberries in your favourite Dukkah

• Tasty salad dressing - soak dried berries in warm vinegar overnight, and combine with your favourite oil and spices.

• Dry Pepperberry Rub: Blend 2 teaspoons each of crushed pepperberries, seasalt, brown sugar and garlic powder with half a cup paprika, and 2 tablespoons dried, rubbed oregano. Store in an airtight container. Rub firmly into meat at least 30 mins before grilling or BBQ.

• Adult Icecream: Blend finely milled pepperberries into a softened vanillabean icecream and refreeze before serving. Adjust to taste, (remembering that flavor is less noticeable in frozen food).