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The Diemen Pepper product range


Tasmanian Pepper:
Since 1994, we have been gathering, drying and preparing quality products from the spicy Tasmanian pepper plant (link). Hand harvested berries and foliage are delivered to our dedicated facility where they are dried in warm air, then cleaned in specially designed equipment, before careful inspection and packing for storage or sale.
• Hand harvested, dried and cleaned in our factory, then stored in controlled conditions for processing and sale. 
• Unique native Australian bushland flavour – paperbark and herbs, with a lingering heat. Contains beneficial antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.
• Manufacturing and foodservice applications; bulk dry leaf available as fine (<1mm) or flake/tea grade (>2.4mm).  Fresh leaf is also seasonally available. 
• Packaging: polythene bags 1kg, 2kg and cartons 10 and 12.5kg.

• Sustainably harvested, from March until late May. 
• Berries are cleaned and dried either using warm air or by freeze-drying. Airdried berries can be used just like a traditional pepper - in a grinder or crushed in a mortar. Freezedried berries are crumbly and give a beautiful purple colour. 
• Flavour profile: Sweet fruity-spicy-lolly, sharp heat lingers briefly on the palate. 
• Packaging: Bulk supplies: whole or milled: 1kg, 2 kg and cartons of 5, 10 or 12.5kg.

native pepperberry packs

Wattleseed: We stock Acacia victoriae, or Elegant wattle, found in semi-arid parts of southern Australia - light-medium roasted and fine ground its nutty, coffee-chocolate aroma makes it suitable for baking, icecreams, beverages and liqueurs.

Lemon myrtle leaf - a rainforest tree from north-east NSW and SE Queensland and cultivated commercially; available as a coarse powder or tea grade. Suits culinary applications including baking, sauces and dips and desserts; also a favourite in herbal teas and makes a delightful fragrance for soaps and skin care products. The essential oil is also available on request.

native spices

Anise myrtle leaf - another warm temperate rainforest species with a fragrant aniseed-liquorice aroma – anise myrtle is also used as a flavouring, for herbal teas or in therapeutic and cosmetic applications. Powder or tea-grade flake.

Cinnamon myrtle leaf - Also from the subtropical Australian rainforest, this small tree produces leaves with a cinnamon fragrance – used in teas and savoury or dessert applications. Coarse powder or flake

White Kunzea - a common shrub found on sandstone soils in eastern Australia. The leaves contain many aromatic oils and feature as a fragrant component in herbal teas. Whole leaf or powder.

Bush tomato – sometimes hard to get, bush tomatoes (aka desert raisins or bush sultanas) are the fruits of a short-lived desert herb, a cousin of tomatoes and eggplants. Sun-dried fruits make a delicious and healthy snack food with a distinctive caramel-raisin flavour and faintly bitter after-taste. Whole dried or coarse ground.

Strawberry gum leaf from the northern tablelands of NSW, with a slightly sweet, berry flavour, thanks to high concentrations of the same compounds found in many ripe berryfruits. Crushed or ground leaves enhance fruit flavours in spiced jams and preserves and are used in herbal teas to provide a sweet fruity note.

Saltbush – (‘Old Man Saltbush’) is a hardy, spreading, salt-tolerant shrub from the arid parts of Australia. The dried crushed leaves can be used as a seasoning and salt substitute, while fresh leaves are delicious in salads, stir-fries and marinades.

Freezedried fruit powders: we can supply a range of freezedried powders of Australian native citrus (Fingerlime, Desert lime, Outback lime, Sunrise lime), Kakadu plum and Davidson plum on request.

Retail products: retail-ready products available by mail order
Enquiries: info@diemenpepper.com

pepperberry vinegar pepperberry tapas oil
  • 50g and 250g packs of airdried pepperberries in handy resealable pouches,
  • Diemen Pepper Tapas Oil – spicy pepperleaf-flavoured Australian olive oil
  • Pepperberry Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar with the sweet zing of pepperberries
  • Native Spice Range – handy 50g tins of a range of Australian herbs and spices